World Fight Martial Arts Council

Be a champion in 2020

“When it comes to performance standards, It’s not what you preach, it’s what you tolerate”

– Jocko Willink

Upcoming Events

British MMA and Grappling Championships 2020

Sunday April 5th - Registrations end March 29th!

WFMC Midlands Champions

WFMC Midland Championships These championships are part of the qualifying process for Senior and Junior World Championship selections.Pre Reg deadline is May 10th

Explore The World

Don’t miss out on the World Championships this October 14, 2020. It will be held in Antalya, Turkey. Join the British Team Selections and represent WFMC Great Britain!

Becoming a WFMC Affiliated Club

How does membership with the WFMC benefit the individual martial arts instructor / martial arts school owner? Firstly they get registered as a Certified Martial Art Instructor and this gives them a lot of extra credibility. Secondly we provide regular opportunities to up-skill instructor qualifications and offer industry workshops, seminars, and trainings. Successful registration means that you have been assessed as a professional martial arts instructor/ school operator. Members therefore will have the appropriate skills and knowledge to operate a martial arts club in a professional manner using the correct industry policies and procedures. This is particularly appealing to potential students because they feel they are in safe hands so they are more likely to choose a WFMC Member School.

Resources and Certifications

  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • K1
  • Semi contact
  • Light contact
  • MMA
  • Submission Grappling
  • Krav Maga / Modern Self Defence
  • Sport Boxing
  • Forms and Kata
Martial arts champion

Become a Champion

Our goal is to provie people the opportunity to achieve more. Achieve more in competition or in gaining personal best. We provide opportunities in local, National and international competion such as:- 

  • Area Titles
  • National Titles
  • European Titles
  • World titles
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Advancement Benefit

  • Rank advancement, Training and Consulting
  • Ability to earn your black belt or higher Dan rank
  • Opportunity to catch up on your rank with our skip Dan process
  • Rank Recognition, Reviewing and Granting of Ranks
  • A central filing of all ranks and styles
  • Recognition of your rank and authentic ranks of foreign countries

International Recognition, National Recognition and Regional Recognition

Black Belt certificate